Access to Nature

Encouraging curiosity and exploration of the natural world improves physical and mental health, and increases interest in learning for kids and adults.

Our goal is to increase access to beautiful, natural spaces that encourage outdoor play.

Guiding Principles

  • Develops healthy natural areas with community input and collaboration.

  • Intentional natural wild space for investigation.

  • Potential hazards are identified and managed to the best of the land owners ability.

  • Opportunities are available for a range of abilities. Program, organization, or space prioritizes accessibility.

  • Promoting and protecting healthy diverse natural spaces.

  • Dedicated site manager to maintain and promote the space.

  • Enhances community access, utilization of wild spaces, and independent exploration.

  • Site offers opportunities for active or passive learning related to natural resources systems.

  • Opportunity for incremental exposure to wild spaces according to the comfort level of participants.

Wild Team

Karen Cox

WVU Extension Agent – Agriculture & Natural Resources

Molly Check

Oglebay Schrader Center

Chuck Kleine

West Virginia Public Radio

Charles Hays

Grow Ohio Valley