The physical health of Wheeling's geographic urban core is critical to the overall wellness of our community.

In modern times, humans have successfully engineered physical activity out of life to a dangerous degree. Researchers have found that typical Americans sit for 10 hours each day, while sedentary lifestyles are increasingly linked to poor health outcomes.

We want to fold physical activity into our lives, naturally encouraging healthier habits.

Guiding Principles

  • Provide opportunities for indoor and outdoor activity.

  • Allow for varied levels and intensity of physical activity.

  • Provide schedules of activities.

  • Prioritize accessibility to encourage broader community participation.

  • Acknowledge the connection of self image and self esteem as it relates to physical ability.

  • Provide aerobic and age-appropriate muscle and bone-strengthening activities.

  • Promote an engaging and affirming environment.

Move Team

Rochelle Barry

Director Of Parks and Recreation

Rod Lee

Director of the Nelson Jordan Center