Artistic Expression

Promoting artistic expression in children bolsters a growth mindset, self confidence, cognition, communication, and self awareness.


Guiding Principles

  • A safe space for feedback - critique not criticism.

  • Activities that promote increased cultural awareness.

  • Fostering an environment of expression rather than expertise.

  • Sharing lived experiences through art to promote empathy.

  • Providing access to various art forms.

  • Foster a culture of innovation and experimentation.

  • Celebrate individuality and collaboration.

  • Amplify and empower different perspectives.

  • Acknowledging art as a component of mental wellness.

  • A dedicated space/time for artistic expression.

  • Intentional art time.

  • Peer and professional artistic mentorship.

  • Public platforms for exhibiting, sharing, and performing art.

Express Team

Kate Marshall

House of Hagar/Mother Jones House for Resilient Communities