Our Model

The Edible Mountain Approach

Our Model is focused on three elements:

  1. Build on Community Assets and Momentum: All programmatic elements are iterations and/or expansions of community-led programs offered by local organizations. The Edible Mountain project seeks to highlight these programs where they are in our community and also bring them into a single geographic location (quite literally, the “edible mountain” AKA Vineyard Hills), and to offer these programs in synergistic collaboration utilizing youth leadership.

  1. Coalition-Building and Resident Leadership: Edible Mountain is a broad coalition of community and youth leadership representing various sub-demographics, disciplines, and sectors in Wheeling.

  1. Evaluation as a Core Element: Ongoing, rigorous outcome evaluation and performance monitoring guides everything we do. With inspiration drawn from “Planet Youth” (Icelandic youth wellness program), Edible Mountain will implement a regimen of coalition maintenance, ongoing strategy assessment, and continuous improvement. Program outcome evaluation will be driven by childhood metabolic disease indicators and mental health measures.