Vineyard Hills

The place-based component of the Edible Mountain coalition resides on the land known as Vineyard Hills.

This historic hill, rising from Wheeling's downtown, was formerly home to the city of Wheeling's public housing development, Lincoln Homes and Vineyard Hills.

We are working to preserve this history in shaping this environment. Check out the video below to learn more about this space and how you can help shape it and tell the story of the history of our community.

Indigenous Lands

Wheeling is part of an incredible terrain of indigenous lands spanning across the great Ohio Valley.

Known as "The Place of the Skull", Wheeling's indigenous history is expansive and well documented.

Evidence shows that Native Americans first came to the region nearly 14,000 years ago. The two most notable tribes once living in our mountains have been identified as the Shawnee tribe and the Delaware tribe.

Edible Mountain believes in the importance of acknowledging the important history and contributions of our native founders whose land we are using today.

Learn more about our rich indigenous history here